We Provide You The Following Services


We can source the components and build your PCBs, Electrical Panels, Enclosures, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, or virtually any other electro/mechanical assembly you have. Why use REDZONE?

  • Buying power for all components from our Project Management team in China

  • Documented “Quality Control” process for all steps in the build

  • We use only our personally audited, qualified, and tested ISO factories


Whether you have a complete design that is fully manufacturable and ready to go, a prototype that needs some tweaks and improvements before manufacturing, or just a great idea on paper that needs to be designed with as little or as much of our help as you require, we can jump right in and work closely with you to get your project from design to prototype to production ASAP!

  • No need to purchase expensive CAD software ($2000 – $10,000 and up)

  • Make your own revisions, tweaks, or upgrades and then let us draw it and document it

  • Our factory engineers work with plastic, metal, and all sorts of components every day

  • We design for manufacturability because we manufacture every day


If all you have is a concept or an idea you can trust us to sign and abide by a “Non-disclosure Agreement”. We will work with you and our team of engineers to get your project to the next level and through the design phase to prototype, and ultimately on to high volume production. References from current clients are available upon request.


When you trust us with a project there are certain perks that go with the contract. Many basic mechanical drawings come with your package no charge as these are necessary to complete proper prototypes and to move on to production. If the drawings are extremely complex and time consuming, numerous, or all you really require at this point are the drawings, you will be quoted a very reasonable price for our work.


With wide experience in various markets Redzone has acquired high level expertise in material selection, design, quality maintenance and cost reduction.


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