The RED ZONE Manufacturing Process

  1. First we discuss your project with you to determine capabilities and requirements
  2. Discuss document security procedures and Sign NDA, if required
  3. We may request drawings or schematics for quotation purposes
  4. Receive quote on tooling, setup, delivery dates, freight charges, and material charges
  5. Issue purchase order
  6. Receive payment for tooling and/or any up front NCNR deposits
  7. RED ZONE produces tooling and functional samples for client approval, prior to any production taking place
  8. Client approves samples or requests changes, fixes, modifications and then Redzone produces those new samples for client approval
  9. Manufacturing of production units begins
  10. Redzone makes THREE quality inspection checks and balances during manufacturing, and prior to shipping to Canada
  11. Final packaging and inspection takes place prior to shipping to port.
  12. 2-3 weeks later the shipment arrives in Vancouver and offloads at port to CRA
  13. After clearance, shipment is trucked to destination (client dock)
  14. Client receives shipment and has up to one week to inspect and approve shipment
  15. Client pays invoice based on terms. Typically, C.O.D. to save money, but can be negotiated.

If you have any questions about our process or a current order, please contact us here.


With wide experience in various markets Redzone has acquired high level expertise in material selection, design, quality maintenance and cost reduction.


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